Frequently Asked Questions

Available10000+ Cards Available
Redeemed5000+ Cards Redeemed
Newly Added800+ Cards Added

EarnRobuxFree is not a freeware. Users can use the following methods to get access of EarnRobuxFree:

  1. A daily stipend will be provided to the builder club users.
  2. “Purchase” option is available on the webpage of the Robux to get the entire access to the functionality.
  3. Selling the products such as shirts, pants or access to places can be performed by the builder club members and they will get 70% of the turnover.
  4. All the members irrespective of club status can trade the passes for the games and profits will be shared as 10% to general users and 70% to builder club users.
  5. An Affiliate program will be launched by the earnRobuxfree in which all the members can participate.

Yes, it is required to the login in the respective login to get the full access including all features and functionalities. Without login, users can only see the basic details about Robux.

EarnRobuxFree is working in two languages in English and Spanish. Under the “Language” option on the homepage, you can change the language.

Yes, it is secure as EarnRobuxFree is working with trustworthy advertisers and all protocols are in place to save the customer’s data from thieves.

Points can be earned by completing offers such as submitting your e-mail address for a company’s bulletin or filling out a study. These focuses can be traded for prizes, such as Rixty codes, Google Play codes, or iTunes codes – to purchase Robux!

The entire process will be completed by taking a few steps in a maximum time of one hour, the process is straightforward, and you will get enough points to get a code. This is often particularly the case in the event that you live within the Joined together States or Europe, where there is a bounty of awesome offers accessible.

Our website is checking all the offers before providing to the users for the processing. It is advisable to click on the offers where additional details are not required.

Our team is relentlessly working on the website to make it safer and have fun for everyone. Below tips can be followed to keep the account secure:

  1. Apply a unique password that incorporates a combination of numbers, letters, and extraordinary characters. Never share your secret word with anybody, indeed in case, it’s a companion you know in genuine life. Keep your account and individual data (counting your title, mail, address, phone number, or genuine life photographs, etc.) to yourself.
  2. Empower 2-Step Verification to avoid outsiders from getting to your Roblox account.

These steps can help to keep an eye on the activities on your account and good for better security.

Multiple settings need to be modified to change the privacy of account to private.

  1. Clients age 13 and over can customize their account security settings. For clients age 12 and beneath, we take additional safeguards to guarantee their security by by-default implementing more limited settings so they can as it was sending a coordinate message to other clients that are acknowledged as companions on Roblox.
  2. Clients and their guardians can empower an Account Confinements setting from inside the Security Tab of the Account Settings. This setting as it were permits, clients, to get to a curated list of age-appropriate diversions on the stage, and it anticipates them from chatting with anybody. An Account Stick setting is additionally accessible, which needs a 4-digit code to create changes to the account settings.

Roblox is completely free to connect and free to download. In the event that all features required, clients can select to buy Robux (our virtual money) to purchase in-game overhauls or adornments for their avatar. They can moreover buy a discretionary “Builders Club” enrollment, which offers additional benefits such as get to premium things for cooler avatar customization, no screen promotions, and a thing exchanging framework.

Offers wall will be visible to the users who have a valid login and they are logging into the website using the respective credentials. All the offers will be visible to the logged users. Click on the offers to proceed and offers will

A dedicated team is available to help the users via live chat option on the home page. It is available all the 24 hours and 7 days a week. We often respond within minimum time.

There are multiple options for the users to redeem the points and few of them are online wallet by using the PayPal account, an email can also be sent to our team or using the EarnRobuxFree with the registered email.

Many websites are scam and designed to steal the data of the users. It is not recommended to use the websites which are intended to work like earnRobuxfree and not to trust them.

“Forgot password” option is available on the login page, click on the link and enter the email address and system will send the password reset link on the registered email address. Open the link in the email account and enter the new password you want to set.